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About the company

At QNA Technology, we develop the technology of colloidal semiconductor quantum dots. We already sell our products (QNA.dots) and develop new ones ( and We are oriented at global innovation: we have developed a unique method of scalable synthesis of nanostructures, and our R&D Department is close to obtaining stable, high-quality blue quantum dots.

What is QNA?

QNA is a manufacturer of quantum dots and quantum ink.

We specialise in the design and manufacture of semiconductor colloidal nanostructures and their surface modification. We offer both quantum dots (QNA.dots and QD-based inks (

Our goals

We use our technology and knowledge to become a global leader in the production of semiconductor colloidal nanostructures and inks based on semiconductor nanostructures. We want our products to contribute to the development of future and current advanced technologies. We want to leave an imprint in the history of technology.

Company profile

We develop the technology of colloidal, semiconductor quantum dots.

QNA Technology was established in December 2016. Its founders and leaders are Artur Podhorodecki, Associate Professor, Eng and Mateusz Bański, PhD, Eng. We specialise in synthesis, characterisation and functionalisation of semiconductor quantum dots – the nanostructures with the potential to revolutionise a number of market sectors, such as production of displays or photovoltaics. At the same time, thanks to the globally unique flow synthesis technology, we are able to meet the requirements of manufacturers by providing industrial quantities of nanostructures with top quality physical and chemical parameters.

In addition to engineering services and the production of nanonstructures, we also provide comprehensive consultancy for practical implementations of our solutions. In this way, we can guarantee a conscious and full use of the dormant potential of colloidal, semiconductor quantum dots.

Get to know us better

QNA Technology


European Start-up Days 2019

1st place in the NEW INDUSTRY category of Start-up Challenge 2019 competition

Nano Startup Challenge 2018

The best nanotechnology start-up

Garage+ Global Startup

Hello Tomorrow’s Deep Tech Pioneers

Innovation Eagles, Rzeczpospolita

1st place in the PRODUCTION PROCESS category, 2019.

About QNA

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