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We believe that our proprietary and innovative material technologies, new products, and a skilful use of our solutions can leave an imprint on the modern world. How? Our solutions will contribute to the development of better quality displays, diversification of energy sources and reducing the energy consumption, increasing the precision of medical diagnostics and the efficiency of treatment methods, and, last but not least, they will improve the comfort of our daily lives.

How can our technology help you?


Colloidal quantum dots have all the potential to become a new source of light in displays. And this is just a step away from the dominance over the OLED technology.


Thin layers containing semiconductor quantum dots will also be a perfect choice for spectral light concentrators to be used in windows and other parts of buildings.


The use of quantum dots in biophotonics allows for extremely precise control of light, properties of matter, and full oversight over their relationship.


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