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Quantum dots are small semiconductor crystals with a spherical shape, which emit and absorb light. Owing to their colloidal form, they offer some unique properties, particularly valuable for the display industry, photovoltaics or biophotonics. At the moment, the most serious barrier for mass application of QDs is their small supply. The industry-scale synthesis of high-quality quantum dots is actually a huge technological challenge. But at QNA Technology, we have developed our own scalable technology of QD production.

What are quantum dots?

Quantum dots are an alternative to organic dyes. Basic features of such dots are: easy colour tuning of the emission, emission stability over time, and emission resistance to environmental conditions.

Research and development

Thousands of hours spent in laboratories and at universities have given us extensive knowledge and experience, which are our team’s professional strength. Therefore, our R&D Department is now able to develop new and improve the existing methods for the synthesis of semiconductor quantum dots.

Our laboratory

We conduct our R&D work at Wrocław Technology Park – a unique location on the Polish high-tech map, where business and science combine with advanced technologies.


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