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Research and development

Thousands of hours spent in laboratories and at universities have given us extensive knowledge and experience, which are our team’s professional strength. Therefore, our R&D Department is now able to develop new and improve the existing methods for the synthesis of semiconductor quantum dots.

Research and development

NCBiR, Fast Track

The company work on the project titled „Fluorescent ink based on semiconductor quantum dots for high resolution printing”, co-financed by the European Union under the POIR programme.

Financial support agreement No. POIR.01.01.01-00-0210/19-00 dated 16.10.2019.

EU funding for the project: 2 482 735 PLN (600 000 USD)

Total value of the project: 4 137 892 PLN (960 000 USD)

Implementation period: 2020 – 2022

Internationalisation of the Mazovia ICT Cluster in the power engineering sector

The programme aimed at promoting Polish companies on international markets. Our company participates in it as a member of the ICT cluster. The project is implemented as part of Sub-measure 2.3.3 Internationalisation of Key National Clusters under the Smart Growth Operational Programme co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Implementation period: 2019–2021

“MOZART” programme

It is the City Programme for the Promotion of the Partnership Between Universities and Business. Its aim is to support Wrocław job market by connecting local business to researchers and their intellectual potential.

Implementation period: 2018–2019

BRIdge Alfa

The company cooperates with Kvarko ASI Sp. z o.o. on the project: “Breakthrough technology for the production of semiconductor nanocrystalline structures”, co-financed by the European Union under the Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014–2020, Measure 1.3: R&D activity financed with capital funds participation, Sub-measure 1.3.1: Support for R&D projects at the ‘pre-seed’ stage by proof of concept funds – BRIdge Alfa.

Financial support agreement No. 3/Kvarko dated 30.11.2017.

EU funding for the project: 800,000 PLN (190 000 USD).

Total value of the project: 1,000,000 PLN (230 000 USD).

Implementation period: 2017–2019


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