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At QNA Technology, we rediscover the hidden power of light – learn more about our daily work.

With investors on board, QNA develops a new technology. The start-up is halfway there. QNA Technology, a company specialising in the production of colloidal semiconductor…

How to plan a career path in the area of new technologies?

Spring Edition of the Advanced Materials Competition in Berlin

Polish start-ups in the coronavirus crisis

EPIC webinar. Can quantum dots and quantum inks be useful for forensic sciences or combating fake drugs and vaccines like those against SARS-CoV-2?

We invite you to visit our new product website

Capital injection of QNA Technology planned by TIG / Erato Energy with an amount of up to $2.5M for the development of blue quantum dot…

Quantum dots can convert electricity into light, light into electricity, and one colour of light into another. This is how you can simply describe three…

It's already winter outside, but the tiny QNAdots are now warming up an Asian hitech ecosystem! Our CEO, Artur Podhorodecki has been in Taipei, Taiwan…

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